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Hey! I'm So Glad You're Here.

Hi! I'm Whitney. Born and raised in the PNW, married to my high school love, Kyle, and a Boy Mama x3 to Cason, Kade and Easton!

Family is my everything! I'm all about living intentionally and making those memories! Planning things makes my heart happy. I love to travel, Disney and Cabo tend to be our go to destinations but we try to mix in some other places here and there. I'm all about birthday parties. I have an obsession with calendars and office supplies, I can't seem to walk out of TJ Maxx without buying a picture frame (or 2 or 3) and I will never say no to Mexican food!

I realized at a young age that life is an emotional roller coaster and quickly learned to laugh my way through it, to keep moving forward and despite all of the hard times, it is still beautiful. My hope is to share with you real, raw life to provide humor & encouragement and maybe even a few tips and tricks along the way.  And together we can laugh through the craziness & appreciate the blessings.


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