Weekly Wrap Up: 3.5.22

Hi-ya Pals (Moms, name that show)! So each Saturday I thought it would be fun to share with you the "highlights" from our week. Things like our favorite meal, a hack or item I tried and loved, and something fun going on in our life! So, without further ado, here is this week's, Weekly Wrap Up (side note, I may or may not rename this series, we will see)!

Meal of the Week

Tried something out of our normal rotation of dinners and had tostadas. They were inspired by an AMAZING dish we had pool side in Cabo. And I say inspired because they were no where close to the same thing but still delicious! Here's the recipe:

  • Tostada Shells

  • One Can Refried Beans

  • Salsa

  • Tilapia (or your meat of choice)

  • Taco Seasoning

  • Mexican Cheese

  • Favorite Taco Toppings

Cook your meat per cooking instructions and season with taco seasoning. Heat your refried beans and mix with approximatley half a cup of salsa. Take your tostada shells and lay them on a baking sheet. Spread a good amount of refried beans on each shell, cover the beans with meat and top with cheese. Place in the oven and broil on high until cheese is melted and shells are starting to toast. Remove from oven and top with your favorite toppings. I added pico and avocado. Kyle ate them just how they were.

Family Highlight

I'm officially a Baseball Mom!! Cason had his first baseball practice this week and my heart couldn't be happier! So for the next 3 months this is what our life will be revolving around and I'm more than ok with that. This is definitely one of those seasons of life I dreamed about when having kids and I'm counting my blessings to be experiencing it!

Health & Wellness

It's come time that I am finally ready (and serious) to do something about this baby weight and Kyle and I started intermittent fasting this week. I can already tell its going to be one of those things that is going to take some fine tuning before we figure out what works best for us, especially since I'm breastfeeding and I don't want to negatively impact my production. Kyle completed his first week today and lost 7.5 pounds!! I won't weigh in until Monday. Definitely more to come on this topic!

Something I'm Loving

I recently finished the book "The Middle Finger Project" by Ash Ambirge and let me tell you, it set my soul on FIRE! I highly highly HIGHLY recommend this book if you're someone feeling stuck in life or enjoy personal development.


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